Friday, October 08, 2010

Dellers calls out Moonbat

So where is Monbiot? The Moonbat has been eerily silent about the whole ["no pressure"] affair. Did he find the No Pressure video funny? Does he think it’s all an evil stunt cooked up by evil, Exxon-funded climate-change deniers (TM) to discredit the green movement?

Thus asks Dellers, suggesting that he might have done what all the canny eco fascists are doing these days and given up on Man-Made Global Warming. Because hey, after all – you heard it here first (almost) – biodiversity is the new black!

Of course, it might be because Moonbat is totally compromised. How can he possibly offer an objective view when The Guardian is the sole remaining media partner to 10:10 and his colleague on the environment desk is Duncan Clark, who just happens to be strategy director for 10:10?

This is the same Duncan Clark, incidentally, who tells us that, "We need to slash emissions of all greenhouse gases from all industries", then adding: "If we're upfront about the scale and urgency of the challenge, then it's possible we can still turn the ship around." The funny thing is, though, that he's never upfront about being the strategy director of 10:10 – you have to look up his profile to find that out.

So that leaves Moonbat working for a tawdry rag that has long since ceased to be a newspaper and is now the front for environmental campaigning groups. No wonder he is so silent, presumably hoping the "splattergate" controversy will die down so that he can creep out from under his stone and pretend it all never happened.