Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Splattergate: Eat your heart out Franny

There is a battle being fought on the net over the publication of the Muslim parody of the 10:10 "no pressure" film. They really don't like that one and as fast as new copies appear, they are moving in to get them taken down, with the last one attributed to the great Franny herself. I guess we must be keeping her quite busy.

Anyhow, she really is a silly lady if she thinks she can keep a good idea down, so here are four other versions – different sound-track, and oddly reversed. But you can find them here, or here or here or here - four different hosts, not just patsy youtube ... let's see little Franny try and bring them all down.

It's interesting how little these "great communicators" understand the medium with which they are dealing. They can handle the good times, but when it goes belly-up, they turn out to be rank amateurs.