Friday, October 08, 2010

The inspiration


You can see where Franny went for her inspiration ... look at the first few scenes, where teach isn't getting through.

In fact, though, Franny is a big fake. She describes herself, in breathless biographies in the Guardian etc, as an "ex rock drummer turned self-taught film maker." In fact she's a second generation, upper middle class, activist media brat.

Her Daddy, Peter Armstrong, was a senior documentary maker for 20 years at the BBC (where else) until he bought out the multimedia technology he had developed there and floated "The Multimedia Corporation" on the junior stock market. It later bombed in the dot-com crash. He now runs his own international activist organisation

Daddy worked with her for ten years on her first film – "McLibel" – about the two hippies who were sued for telling lies about Macdonalds. She still runs a website providing anti-Macdonalds propaganda to activists.

Her stepmum is also an activist film maker and Mummy and Daddy still work with her at her film company – Spanner films. "Greenery" is just her latest vehicle for self promotion.

(Research from Barry Woods, picked up from WUWT comments - thanks. The blogosphere at its best ... something Franny will never understand.)