Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slime warning

It's always the next day that gets you, although sometimes the day after as well – and that's the downside of going up to the "smoke". With the "cuts" dominating the news, though, this day can't come to an end quick enough, as we tire of reminding ourselves that there are no cuts. Public expenditure is set to rise by nine percent over the next five years.

This, though, is the new language of public expenditure. Year-on-year, it rises and, when the administration trims back the expected rise to a figure less than initially demanded, this is defined as a "cut". And, of course, our gifted officials make sure that this is accompanied by highly visible deterioration in public services, while salaries for the privileged classes continue onwards and upwards.

But then, so do our EU contributions and foreign aid. The grotesquely wasteful Olympics emerge virtually unscathed, while the "colleagues" do their best to undermine our productive base and cripple our economy.

I've asked it before, but it loses none of its force with repetition – and the reason we should not rise up and slaughter them is? The day comes closer to when it ceases to be a question and becomes an instruction.