Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Splattergate: Franny 1- Muslim parody 3 plus one

Desperate to take down the Muslim parody of her 10:10 "no pressure" film, the substitution battle is still going on – but little Franny has only been able to get youtube to take down one copy ... leaving three others on other sites.

And to replace the youtube loss, Small Dead Animals reports that Live Leak has put up a copy of the original. It's – crap quality, but the message is clear – and little Franny ain't going to be able to touch it there.

The woman is delusional if she thinks she can keep it out of the public eye and, each time she tries, more and more people see it. And more and more people get the message that she is uneasy about Muslim-loving teach blowing up kafirs, although quite at home with the idea of the same teach executing white kids for not reducing their carbon signature.

We can quite see why little Franny is quite so uncomfortable with that, but then she should perhaps have thought about it before she started down this path.