Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The second one is "off"

Announcing a complete review of how "Britain" collects and disposes of rubbish, Caroline Spelman, the Cleggeron environment secretary, has promised to make the country a "zero waste economy".

She says biodegradable waste like food could "no longer be allowed" to just rot in landfill. This is likely to mean that all councils have to introduce slop buckets so that food waste can be collected separately.

But "allowed" by whom, she does not reveal ... and this is the administration that wants to be "in Europe but not ruled by Europe". Thus does she say on behalf of her EU masters, "We need a new approach to waste ... We cannot keep putting recyclable and biodegradable material into landfill."

So, we already have a waste bin, another bin for paper, an insert for glass and tin cans, a woven bag for cardboard and another for garden waste. And now we have to have another waste container, making six in all?

We have two words for Caroline "slop-bucket" Spelman. The second one is "off". Following that, we have some extremely detailed instructions on where she can put her slop buckets, the results of which would be extremely painful.