Thursday, June 10, 2010


I thought about doing a post on The Boy and yesterday's PMQs, but then this more interesting topic came up. Mary Ellen Synon buries the knife in the posturing idiot.

There, at least, you get coherence, which is more than you can say about this piece. It tells us that Nasa has switched part of its focus from space to the ocean, after its scientists announced their first ever field study "to investigate how climate change is affecting the Arctic's ice."

Researchers from the space agency, the report continues, "hope to provide the most detailed research yet on how global warming is devastating the ocean's ecosystem." And there is an example of really impartial, objective science. Without any preconceptions at all, we are going to tell you how "global warming is devastating the ocean's ecosystem," they say. Shite!

Meanwhile, I had a response to my post on the Ministry of Defeat, suggesting that my publisher might be persuaded to bring out a second edition. Then I could emulate Robert Conquest who, when asked what subtitle he wanted for the second edition of The Great Terror, is supposed to have said, "How about - 'I told you so, you f*cking fools'?"

The idea is extremely attractive.