Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not at all surprised

Bruno Waterfield is reporting in The Daily Telegraph that Call me Dave "will break his promise not to transfer powers to Brussels by yielding to plans for an EU "economic government" and City regulation."

This is a prediction from an unnamed "senior Belgian official" – and that is all. The Tories dismiss it as "wishful thinking" and an exercise of "viewing the world through their own eyes", offering this meaningless soundbite in exchange: "We are pragmatic but we are also robust in defence of the national interest."

However, Bruno would not have put this story up for publication unless there was something in it and, although it shows signs of having been "Londonised", it can safely be filed under the category "no smoke without fire". We all expect the Boy to sell out – the only unknowns are the "when" and the words he uses in his attempt to disguise it.

And please note that, in respect for my readers' finer feelings, I have resisted the temptation to post a picture of him.