Saturday, June 05, 2010


Viscount Monckton seems to be taking some flak but also has an ally and a friend in Delingpole.

The controversy over the man has been ramped up by Moonbat, who champions a put-down by Professor John Abraham who in turn relies, in part, on the WWF to demolish said Monckton – no contest.

Interestingly, Monckton has recently accepted the position of UKIP deputy leader, which makes him a swivel-eyed loony on two counts – according to his many detractors. That, though, ties in two closely allied issues – climate scepticism and EU scepticism, which is where we have been for some time.

How far this formal linkage will prove beneficial is difficult to say but, at least, the cross-fertilisation may prove entertaining. And if it winds up Moonbat, that has to be all good.