Thursday, September 17, 2009

It happened

You know, we did mention it, once or twice and none of those great sages in the media took a blind bit of notice. But now, it is to happen – the EU is about to rule on the HBOS merger, and is thought to be about to require the new "banking giant" to be split up.

Predictably, the Daily Mail personalises it, calling it a "humiliation" for Brown. Perhaps it is, but we called it a national humiliation, the fact that our own elected government cannot even decide its own rules.

Dressing it up in personal terms might appear to soften the blow, but the ruling will demonstrate once again that we are no longer in control, that our elected government is no longer in charge and that we must defer to our supreme government in Brussels.

The worst of it all is that the Mail, so driven by its own political agenda, cannot see beyond the opportunity to take a swipe at Brown, and note that the EU is running the show. Long after Brown has gone, it will still be running the show and the humiliation will remain – but that no longer seems to matter.