Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Democracy in action

So they say. It barely got any publicity over here, and then the crowd was reported "in the thousands" when one estimate was 1.2 million.

The Guardian did note that the size of the demonstration on Capitol Hill "took the authorities by surprise", but dismissed it as "the largest manifestation yet of the angry anti-Obama sentiment being whipped up among rightwing Republicans."

The organisers of the march, we were told, "represent a ragbag coalition of disparate groups, joined at the hip by their hatred of Obama's perceived radicalism. They include right-wing thinktanks such as the Heartland Institute, small government campaigns like Americans for Tax Reform and Tea Party Patriots, and internet-based protest networks such as ResistNet."

So that's alright then. Right wing nutters - we can ignore what they say and carry on with what we are doing. Freedom works, say the organisers, but only if you are a "liberal", it seems. If it had been anti-Bush rally, it would have been all over the front pages here.