Thursday, September 17, 2009

An "exciting journey"

Fresh from his victory, courtesy of the Tory MEP group, EU Kommisar José Manuel Barroso tells us: "As president of the commission, my party is going to be Europe. Anyone who wants to can come on board in this exciting journey that is the integration of Europe."

"This is the moment of truth," he adds.

And the question is, Mr Barroso, what happens if we do not want to "come on board"? What happens if we don't want to join you on "this exciting journey that is the integration of Europe"?

Here, of course, actions speak louder than words. Flushed with his success, we told, Mr Barroso, in an example of monumental hubris, will this weekend travel to Ireland to campaign for a "yes" vote in the referendum.

At least the Irish have a choice, of a sort, and can tell Borroso - with his unwarranted interference - where to go. As it stands, we have none. But the man has crossed the line. His is the unacceptable, unspeakably smug face of "Europe" (not that any "face" would be acceptable).

There is now a predictable end to the "exciting journey" on which he is embarking ... and never mind the quality, feel the width. It is 7.62mm. If he reads his history books, he should know that that is the rendevous he is choosing.