Monday, November 10, 2008

What have you been saying?

Here we go again, writes Marta Andreassen for The Times today, for the 14th year in a row, the European Court of Auditors will unveil their report, telling us that they refuse to clear the EU accounts. What's worse, no one will really seem to care.

And she's absolutely dead right! Nobody actually gives a damn. The Daily Mail has a bit of fun with the report but, by tomorrow evening, its own report will be the electronic equivalent of fish and chip wrapping.

If we – as a collective - really did care, we would do something about it. We don't - not deep-down, storming the barricades caring … so we don't. Funny, I wrote a piece about this a while ago. Perhaps we ought to start a blog of the same name.

Meanwhile, after this, one of our avid – so he tells us – readers sent us the screen grab pictured above (click to enlarge). He lives in Turkey and clicked on his "favourites" to get his daily dose of EU Referendum and this is what he got. "What have you been saying?" he wrote.

It is a wee bit scary to think there is the technology that can do that. Won't be so long before they're doing it here, or planning an EU directive to the same effect. But, what the hell, we can always go and look at Margot Wallström. That's always good for a laugh.

As for the EU's accounts. WGAD.