Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Change one can believe in?

Strong rumours flying around that President-Elect Obama is going to make Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State. Well, he owes the lady. After all, she agreed to step aside at the Convention even though she had won the actual primary votes. The paying of debts will be a long process, given how many people have been promised something.

There are the unions who want the abolition of secret ballots (what will the Tory Socialists say to that?) and the Federal civil servants who were promised more power and more money; there are the journalists who appointed themselves to be Obama propagandists; above all, there are the Kennedys. We shall see.

Of course, Secretary of State Clinton was predicted by our friend John O'Sullivan, Executive Editor of Radior Free Europe/Radio Liberty. I found it hard to believe him at the time and may well have to eat my words. We shall see. Our joint prediction about European reaction was accurate, I suspect.