Sunday, November 09, 2008

Matters to do with the late unpleasantness in the former colonies

We interrupt our normal programmes to bring you some more news about the President-Elect of the former colonies, now unaccountably grown from 13 to 50 (not 57 but then Nancy Reagan did not conduct seances in the White House, either).

First, a very judicious account of what happened and what can possibly be expected by Mark Coalter on the Conservative History Journal blog.

Neo-neocon, one of my favourite bloggers, who intersperses excellent political analyses with postings about food and ballet, writes about a subject I mentioned as well, that is the curious attitude to political women in this election.

The Anchoress has a wonderful cartoon that speaks louder than words.

More worryingly, President-Elect Obama has not started off well on his foreign policy remit, as I write over on the BrugesGroupBlog. Will the Europeans like what they have got as the leader of their greatest ally? Hmmm.