Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We are not the only ones

Barack Obama's election was the result of a democratic process (give or take a few problems with the MSM and fund-raising by the winning candidate's campaign, which are unlikely to be investigated, according to a link on Instapundit). It is not true that conservative ideas were rejected wholesale or, even, that the Republican Party was. The results are a little more complicated than that and are being chewed over, even as I write and you read.

The winning side, on the other hand, is beginning to face up to some unpalatable problems. The Washington Post, for instance, having admitted that they were dishonest and unethical during the campaign (though they did not admit the full extent of that dishonesty), is now prattling about continuity trumping change.

I do bring this rather long posting round to British politics and the problems the right is facing. Here it is, with no distracting illustrations, on EUReferendum 2.