Monday, November 17, 2008


"New safety fears over Army vehicles after soldier killed" headlines The Daily Telegraph (online). "A British army soldier killed in southern Afghanistan is the 22nd to be killed while inside one of the Army's Warrior vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq, raising fears insurgents have found an effective way of attacking the armoured machines."

Now where did that come from? Actually, that's not quite correct - 22 soldiers have been killed in Warrior-related attacks, but not all of them were inside the vehicles at the time.

However, what I hadn't fully realised, when I wrote yesterday's piece was that the British Army had developed a new, highly secret piece of equipment. It's called a magic wand. They take Warriors out of Iraq, where they have been torn to shreds by bombs, and fly them into Afghanistan. There, there are met by an officer standing on the ramp who waves the MoD-issue magic wand over them and says the magic word, "abacadabra". Then, hey! They're bomb proof!

Isn't modern technology wonderful!