Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turning to other subjects

The American Enterprise Institute has an interesting piece by David Frum on anti-Americanism. The author is one of those people who excites more hatred from the "liberal" and not so liberal media than almost anyone else. If only we on this blog could generate those emotions. They we would know we were succeeding.

Mr Frum describes his session as witness to a subcommittee of the House committee on foreign affairson whether anti-Americanism went up because of the Bush presidency and, specifically, because of the Iraqi war.

Unsurprisingly, he notes that neither of those is true, anti-Americanism being rife some years before that, even in the supposedly halcyon years of the Clinton administration. He draws an interesting link between anti-Americanism and state control of media. As the latter takes off or intensifies, the former grows exponentially. One wonders what he would make of British anti-Americanism.

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