Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We should have expected this

The BBC is informing us that the EU is calling in member state governments to include data CO2 emissions from farming and forestry in their national inventories of "greenhouse gas" emissions. It is difficult to see how this is news though, as a "new framework" was announced last year. Nevertheless, the commission seems to think it is new, having made the announcement two days ago.

What is sinister about this announcement though, is this is regarded as "a first step towards incorporating removals and emissions from forests and agriculture into the EU's climate policy", with the BBC helpfully pointing out that this will mean eventual inclusion of agriculture (and forestry) in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

We should, of course, have seen that coming. Two years ago, we were mightily entertained by tales of "farting cows", but behind that was a huge and expensive research effort, all leading towards this objective.

Thus, while our own climateers warble on about winning the intellectual arguments, which indeed they are doing, the great EU climate steamroller trundles on regardless, fuelling by the millions extracted from unwilling European taxpayers.

It matters not that the EU is losing the argument – this is not a democracy, where such things matter. The EU has the power, our money and a policy framework. To do its deeds, it needs nothing else.