Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clever old Sun

A full seven days after we report on the EU link, The Sun finally gets it. "A European Court of Justice ruling meant he [Osborne] was under pressure to either slap VAT on all hot takeaway food or axe the duty completely", says the paper. And that is exactly what we said here, last Wednesday, after the muppets on the Treasury Committee had failed to spot the link.

So, at last, days after a provincial newspaper picked it up from us, with the duty child on the Failygraph denying an EU link, the mighty Sun finally discovers the Bog case and tells us that the VAT hike related to the case where, "a German won a bid to carry on selling grilled sausages without charging VAT".

Of course, what the paper hasn't come to terms with the fact that our masters in Brussels have spoken, leaving Osborne absolutely no option but to comply. For all its bravado, the Sun campaign for a "VAT U-turn" is going nowhere. Perhaps they should have checked first about the EU link, before they sounded off. Watch now as they quietly forget all about it.