Monday, March 19, 2012

Another reminder

Motorways: we've already paid for them through our taxes. Now Cameron wants us to pay again through tolls.

So Cameron wants to "privatise" roads, citing the water industry model as an example of where private ownership enables capital to be liberated to fund new infrastructure projects.

But, given the recent example of the almost complete failure of the water "model", one could be tempted to wonder which planet The Boy inhabits, except we have stopped speculating on this a long time ago – it is a totally fruitless endeavour.

However, the substantive point is that the motorist is already being charged £42 billion annually in taxes, of which a mere £9 billion is returned. The idea of having to pay a second time via tolls is not one that is going to fly (or even drive).

That The Boy can even think of this, much less be incautious enough to cite water as an example, simply demonstrates how completely out of touch he really is. Why he has to keep reminding us though is anyone's guess.