Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nuke plans scrapped

Wylfa Power Station, Anglesea: replacement plans abandoned

German utility giants E.ON and RWE have scrapped their plans to build new nuclear plants in the UK, raising questions over the security of the country's future energy supply, says the Telegraph.

The companies had been working on proposals for new nuclear power stations at Wylfa on the Isle of Anglesey and at Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire, through their joint venture, Horizon Nuclear Power, established in 2009.

This morning they announced that, following strategic reviews separately carried out by both parent companies, they would not proceed with the developments and would seek a new owner for Horizon.
The Mail says the government has been dealt a "devastating blow". It is not wrong, although the bigger blow is going to be suffered by the people, when the fatuous windmills stop turning and the lights go out.

Already excessively delayed, the nuclear programme was our last, best hope of keeping the lights on. Now it looks as if we are well truly and domed.