Friday, October 17, 2008

A problem

This blog has a problem – well, many. But our big problem is that we are trying to do three things: reporting on events, particularly but not exclusively those with an EU slant; trying to understand those events and publishing our analyses of them; drawing broader conclusions about the way we are governed, and thereby offering suggestions for improvement – which usually require us to leave the EU.

Our real problem is that we can't do all three properly. Hell, we can't even do justice to any one of them – there just are not enough hours in the day. So we have to pick and chose, dropping things we would like to do, in favour of dealing with more pressing issues. One of those, we think is Cameron's speech, so we're going to devote a little time and a few posts to it.

And why is this so important? Well, the previous post gives you the clue. Here is a man who would be leader of our government. With a fair wind, at the next election, he will become leader. Yet this is a man who has just offered his prospectus – an outline of what he and his colleagues would do if they were elected. It is a false prospectus. If the Conservative Party was a company, it could be prosecuted under trading standards or company law, so grossly false is the prospectus on offer.

This will probably cost me my day job but somebody has to say it, and it looks like we will be the only one to do so. Thus we have to do what we have to do – as they say - and set out in some detail the nature of these lies and deceit. We'll try and catch up on other issues later.