Thursday, October 30, 2008

Climate change Bill

I could do it, but this does it better, and Booker is doing it for Sunday – when I will follow up.

The insanity is evident … as snow falls in London in October, for the first time since 1922, the MPs gather to legislate on … global warming.

If I have any small regrets about this, it is that I won't be alive in 2050, the year on which these cretins have set their sights. It would have been such fun then to have written a history of this period, recording how the madmen took over.

One would also have to record that, as darkness spread over the planet, the media frittered its time away playing with itself, while the long-extinct Tory Party completely, totally and utterly lost the plot.

We used to wonder how apparently sound, vibrant civilisations withered away and died. No longer - we're seeing it happen, right in front of our very eyes.