Saturday, December 17, 2011


Spattered over the BBC TV news today, Sky News and some newspapers, is the dreadful Clegg accusing eurosceptics of being "xenophobes". When push comes to shove, that is all these people can manage.

Unable to mount a credible argument to support their obsession with le projet, all the Cleggs of this world can do is resort to low-grade ad hom. It all confirms that you cannot win an argument with these people, because they are incapable of arguing their case. They just mouth insults, and hide behind their mantras.

In this case, Clegg states: "The danger at the moment is because society is under economic stress, xenophobia, chauvinism and polarisation increase. You can see it in British politics", then adding: "This is the perfect environment if you are Nigel Farage or Alex Salmond". "The people who are trying to exploit the politics of grievance and blame", he says, "they believe they have got the wind in their sails".

It seems anything with which Clegg is involved usually ends up being indescribably tacky, and this is no different. He can't even begin to attribute to those who differ with him anything but base motives.

What we ever did to deserve politicians of his calibre totally defeats me. Amazingly, he thinks he is being "reasoned and open". Yet he is not even a rational creature in his own terms. Most recently, the object of his desire has done more to foster distrust and dislike between nations than anything else we can imagine.