Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas greetings from Bradford

A photo from my Emma the artist. It doesn't all look like that, of course. This is one of the better bits.

Anyhow, a huge thank you to everybody who sent in their best wishes and otherwise made contact those six weeks ago, at a very trying time. I don't think I can express enough how much that meant to us, and how comforting it was to Mrs EU Referendum.

To be perfectly blunt, I did not expect to be here this Christmas. Yes, I know the odds were very much in my favour, but I'm the sort of guy who gets the Friday car, who gets the breakdown the day after a service, and who never wins lotteries. I actually wrote my own obituary for the blog. Mercifully, Peter deleted it before it appeared.

Six weeks down the line, with added pig, life looks and feels very different. Mrs EU Referendum and I celebrate a quiet Christmas together, just the two of us – and the blog, a family of thousands who have come to be part of our lives. I think, without the blog, life would feel different again, but less complete.

So, to you all, friends near and far, relatives (mostly far), and the thousands of blog readers, plus the smaller family of forum members, a very Merry Christmas.

Traditionally, one also wishes for a prosperous New Year, but after the politicians have done their worst, that is too much to hope for. Thus, we will content ourselves with wishing for an entertaining, interesting and, above all, healthy one for all EU Reffers, that select band of people who gave us hope and something extra to live for.

Normal grump will be resumed tomorrow, so don't get carried away.