Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Slaves to the media

I wrote this yesterday – and then a forum member refers me to this by William Bowles:
The old Anarchist cry of "Do not adjust your mind, there's a fault in reality" takes on an entirely new kind of import given the power of the media to determine what's "real" for us.

What this means is that the media effectively acts as an agent provocateur for the state and big business as it decides for us what is actually going on in the world. In turn, progressives make decisions based not on what needs to be done, but as a reaction to the "news" in a weird political version of the Heisenberg Effect.
The media is something of a pre-occupation of this blog, or so it would seem. Actually, ours is a greater concern: democracy. And the media is essential to the proper functioning of a democracy, or so it is said – hence the interest.

The Bowles piece chimes absolutely with some of my own pieces. The ultimate ambition of the contemporary media is (for whatever reasons) to set the agenda. Ours is to realise this, and to render those attempts futile. A free man decides for himself what he thinks. Slaves go for their instructions – and in this society they get them from the MSM.