Monday, December 12, 2011

Electoral deception

"The Prime Minister can expect a hero's welcome from his party today when he makes a Commons statement on last week's landmark summit in Brussels", says the Daily Mail. So, at least we now know what our MPs are for … to act as cheerleaders for a loser. Does one remember similar scenes with another prime minister, round about 1938?

And, of course, europlastics are in their element. The useless Eustice says that "work was already well under way in drawing up a shopping list of powers to demand back" [from the EU]. But nothing substantive has changed. We have a europhile masquerading as our prime minister who still affirms his support for the European Union.

Further, there is to be no IGC. Even had the "colleagues" been disposed to entertain talks on the repatriation of powers – which was not the case – there is now no opportunity to present our demands. As always, repatriation is not an option.

The game being played here, though, is one of seeking domestic political advantage. Eustice is working with Cameron to recover the eurosceptic high ground from UKIP, preparing the way for the next general election when the odds were (but are rapidly diminishing) that the eurosceptic vote could keep the Tories out of office.

Nothing of this current spat, therefore, is actually real. It is a sad little game of party politics, where the British people are being taken for a ride. The hope is that enough voters will be lost in admiration for the brave stance taken by The Boy that they will vote for the "eurosceptic Tories" at the election.

The worst of it is that their judgement could well be vindicated. As the polls show, you can certainly fool enough people to make the difference. And that is all that matters.