Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This England?

There are times when it is hard to believe this is the same country I was born in. It seems to have changed beyond all recognition – and not for the better.

In fact, it is seriously hard to believe that people like Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller actually exist. She is telling her taxpayers: "With the festive season soon approaching, household waste generally increases and residents are reminded to ensure their household waste is sorted and correctly placed in the right bin".

She adds: "Different areas will be selected for monitoring, to help the council gather valuable information about common contaminants that are being placed in recycling and garden waste bins".

Residents who have had their bins inspected will be notified by letter. If a garden and or recycling bin are found to have contaminants, photos will be sent to the household.

Strangely though, this isn't England ... it is Australia, New South Wales. That I could so easily believe that it was England tells its own story.

But even ten years ago, if anyone had told me that council spies in any developed western country could go round photographing the contents of peoples' bins, marking down defaulters for "re-education", I would have thought you mad.

Now, if you thought this a solution, I would think you sane.