Monday, December 12, 2011

A phantom veto?

David Miliband, at least, seems to be getting close. Using words such as "delusional" – a reference to the uber-moronic Sun - he is also talking in terms of "a phantom veto against a phantom threat".

Judging from the broader context of what he is saying, he doesn't seem quite there yet, but he is not very far away from pulling the plug on The Boy. And questions in the House are in place for this afternoon, ready to ask The Boy for sight of the fabled treaty that he supposedly vetoed. It could be quite fun if they are asked.

One always lives in hope, but on some occasions, media sentiment can swing wildly from one extreme to another. The Boy is going to look awful silly if that happens here – especially with AEP putting the boot in elsewhere.

Mind you, I think he is being a bit unfair to me. "The North has not yet accepted any serious responsibility for its role in this currency imbalance", he writes. Not my fault, guv.