Monday, October 05, 2009

Well, let's see now

Before Gordon Brown became Prime Minister this blog predicted very firmly that he would not be a eurosceptic and, indeed, would be just like Blair only worse on a number of issue; we turned out to be right. The man is most definitely not a eurosceptic.

Last autumn we predicted that Brown would not go to the country, despite the media and blogosphere hysteria and election would be in May 2010; we turned out to be right. There is some gossip that the Labour activists were told it would be May 6 but that is uncertain and does not alter the fact that Brown is going to the wire.

We predicted very firmly that Gordon Brown would still be leader of the Labour Party after the Conference finished and would continue with that role till the election; so far we have turned out to be right. The Labour Party has no mechanism that allows them to get rid of leaders who do not want to go between conferences. Unless something extremely dramatic happens between now and May, Brown will be leading them into the election.

We predicted that Cameron would back away from a referendum on the Constitutional Lisbon Treaty; we are turning out to be right as the Boss has documented. Dan Hannan, incidentally, ought to know better than repeat that nonsense about being able to repatriate various competences that have been given away. That means rewriting treaties, having IGCs and getting all 27 countries to agree. Not an easy task.

So now we predict that Tony Blair is not going to be President of the European Council. Let us see how that turns out.