Monday, October 12, 2009

Not a great recipe

From the Irish Times:

"Tory conference planning left them unprepared to handle either possible result of the long-planned Irish referendum on Lisbon. If a rejection would have catapulted Cameron into a distinctly hot seat, the overwhelming approval obliges him to mutely contemplate how to be prime minister of an EU member state. Europe shone by its absence from his leader's address.

In the late 19th century Conservatives convinced themselves that by refusing Irish voters' endorsements of Home Rule they would somehow preserve the union and the empire. Today's Tories seem equally determined to convince themselves that the rest of the world will change to suit their fantasies.

It's not a great recipe for an opposition, but it's a real 'bastard' of a one for a government."

Couldn't put it better myself. You can't keep a lid on a volcano forever.