Monday, October 19, 2009

Is there a link?

British children are the worst in Europe for switching out lights and saving electricity, despite knowing the most about climate change, says a press release from the Energy Saving Trust, copied out in The Daily Telegraph by Louise Gray.

I dunno about "saving the planet". That woman has the easiest job on the planet ... cutting and pasting press releases from the greenies, under the guise of journalism.

Anyhow, despite our kids being stuffed with greenie propaganda, they are doing what kids always do – taking not a blind bit of notice, and doing their own thing. The more you lecture them, the less notice they take. And when even the kids can see though this garbage about carbon "pollution", there is hope for us yet.

There is a thought, though ... if you look round at the drongos who are ruling us, yer average anarchic kid might look at the hype about "destroying the planet" and say to themselves, "bring it on". If we are saving the world to make it a better place for greenies - and Ms Gray's kids - it ain't worth saving.