Thursday, October 15, 2009

Join the EU and see the world

The 300 workers in the Anglesey Aluminium plant in Holyhead could hardly have imagined that our membership of the European Union would bring them exciting new opportunities – and riches – the like of which were beyond their wildest dreams.

But, entirely due to the beneficent action of the EU, and its far-sighted action in closing down their industry, new horizons beckon, offering limitless prospects.

Redundant aluminium workers are being targeted by a company developing the world's biggest smelter complex nearly 4,000 miles away in the Middle East. Emirates Aluminium Company, which is building a $5.7bn giant smelter at Khalifa Port between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has launched a recruitment campaign to target the redundant workers.

Founded in February 2007, Emirates Aluminium (Emal), an $8bn joint venture of Dubai Aluminium and Abu Dhabi government-owned investment vehicle Mubadala Development Company, aims to create the world’s largest single-site smelter complex. And now they want the workers to help staff the smelter complex where production is set to start in 2010.

Just think, if it hadn't been for Heath's inspired wisdom in bringing the UK into the EEC, all those years back, these workers would be stuck in their dead-end jobs in an island off North Wales, with absolutely nowhere to go.