Monday, October 26, 2009

The darker side of green

A "must read" from Newsweek which tells us that: "Each year as much as $100 billion is spent by governments and consumers around the world on green subsidies designed to encourage wind, solar, and other renewable-energy markets" – to absolutely no effect when the objective is to achieve the Holy Grail of reducing "emissions".

There is something increasingly bizarre in the behaviour of Western politicians scrambling to pour our money down the drain in the pursuit of their global warning fantasies, draining our wealth and intellectual capital on such a fruitless exercise, while ignoring completely the real threats and challenges which assail our world.

It is almost as if we are seeing a collective failure of will. Confronted with real, difficult problems, our politicians have regressed into a form of second childhood. They have retreated from the real world, to cower in their playpens, there to deal with imagined threats, for want of being able to cope with reality.