Saturday, October 10, 2009

A global agenda

There are three major preoccupations on this blog (and its sister blog DOTR) – global warming (aka climate change), the EU and especially the constitutional Lisbon treaty, and defence (with special reference to Afghanistan. Even full time, we could not do any of these issue justice. Splitting attention between the three, plus all the added extras such as energy and much else, means we can do none of them as well as we would like.

Fortunately, there are others in the field. Anthony Watts looks after the science of global warming, and his latest contribution is compelling. Kevin Libin is looking after the politics. These pieces make our own media look trivial, and our politicians pathetic. Need I say more?

The EU? Well, this is "elephant in the room" territory. The Tories are absolutely determined not to talk about it, while their fellow travellers are doing their best to confuse the issue, and talk down expectations of a referendum on the treaty, substituting a "fudge" which will give the appearance of action while achieving next to nothing. As Poland ratifies the treaty, we watch and wait, while the Tory Boys assume the ostrich position.

And Afghanistan? I have a long piece to write which, all being well, will be up this evening. Best I can do I'm afraid, until we get an EU directive decreeing a 40-hour day. Then we might be able to catch up.