Thursday, August 17, 2006


We do listen! For our core readers, and our very welcome newcomers, we have reorganised the site, putting in a permanent link on the sidebar for the Qana material. New material, on a daily basis, will be built into our report - accessible on the sidebar link - which is growing daily.

The change will allow us to post our core material, on the European Union and our relationship with the wider world, without it being swamped by the developments on the "Green Helmet" saga.

I have also re-organised the Qana report and we have considerable unused material to go in, which will strengthen the case even further.

It looks like, now, we're in for the long haul. There is so much additional material that, realistically, it is going to take another week or so to complete the report - or even longer. Thus, in order to keep the blog going with its core material, I will be splitting my available time fairly evenly between keeping the blog going and working on the Qana report, with my co-editor pitching in as and when the day job allows.

We hope this works.


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