Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm no Hezbolla guy

Any colour but military greenWe are informed that Stern Magazine in Germany is running a long story tomorrow, carrying an interview with "Green Helmet". The contents page entitles the piece:

LIBANON Wie ein Rettungshelfer aus der Stadt Kana als Hisbollah-Agent verleumdet wurde. Die Spur f├╝hrt nach England.
Translated, this is:

LEBANON. Rescue worker from Qana smeared as Hezbollah Puppet. Allegations trace back to England.
Apparently, his name is Ist Salam Daher and, according to a one report from a reader, he claims to be have been a rescue worker for ten years. He is a father of three children and claims he is "no hezbollah-guy". We are told he says that he showed one dead child to the photographers in Qana "in order to get rid of them."

We've been promised a translation of the article and we'll reserve comment until we've seen it.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin has some superb examples of staging photography, plus links to other sites.


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