Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sheer sentimentality

As we look around the political scene today we cannot help sighing for one or two outstanding figures somewhere, anywhere. There are those who point to John Howard in Australia and I do not disagree. I merely know less about him than I should, perhaps, but he is a stalwart Anglospherist and under him the country became a proud and strong member of the Western alliance.

Stephen Harper? We don't know yet. President Bush? Well, anyone who cheerfully announces that "if I were Hezbollah I'd claim victory, too" is a lot smarter than a lot of clever-dick journalists give him credit. No-one in Britain, alas.

So we turn to the past. I came across this posting by Sister Toldjah, one of the most interesting American bloggers on the right, in which she demonstrates why she misses President Reagan. I couldn't help agreeing with her. The world is a sadder and poorer place without him.

There are certain people whose opinions are so utterly skew-whiff that I do not bother to talk to them or argue with them. I have no problems with those who are anti-Reagan but I shall never have any truck with those self-important and supercilious nobodies who sniff and tell me that he was just a B-movie actor who went into politics and got lucky. Yeah, right, lucky. How come nobody else got to be that lucky?

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