Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another fan letter from the MSM

Received today, an e-mail from Sharon Van Geuns of The Sunday Mirror. It is headed "bleatings", and reads:

Richard North... if this be you. What a poisonous little man you are... who cares what's written on the man's white t-shirt! As if it matters at all when the undeniable fact is a child/children have died in an Israeli bombing attack! Who are you to question whether the pictures are faked. Get real. I am against this war and Hezbollah but your right-wing bleatings are nonsensical and unhelpful and should be kept to yourself. Policitcal (sic) analyst? Don't make me laugh.
And, in case you didn't remember who the lovely Sharon is, this is an example of her inspiring political commentary.

She can be reached at this e-mail address.

Graphic by Anoneumouse


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