Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can't resist this

This is only marginally relevant to the various themes of this blog but I thought our readers would like to know exactly what happens in the Great Glass Egg a.k.a. City Hall, the home of London’s government. Actually, London’s government has not been happening in the sense that there have been no committee meetings or Assembly plenaries or Mayor’s Question Time and Hizonner, the Mayor of LondON has been away though not, one regrets to say, silent.

Amazingly enough, London has carried on as it had done for the couple of millennia of its existence in one form or another before Our Ken became Our Mayor. However, not everything is quiet on the Tower Bridge Front.

The staff of the Great Glass Egg received the following delightful round robin this morning:
“Dear All,

From 29 August 2006, the Environmental Champions at the request of the Mayor and the Director of Corporate Services, will be monitoring the waste that is thrown away at City Hall. Individual bins will be viewed by an Environmental Champion and the types of waste in the bin will be recorded to try and find out how much of our waste could be recycled. The results will be recorded on a floor by floor basis and given to Directors and the Mayors office. Progress reports will also be give to staff periodically so you can see how well your floor is doing!

We hope the results will show that the recycling facilities are being used and value your support in carrying out this initiative.”
What a delightful picture that conjures up. We couldn’t possibly comment.


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