Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I suppose he was on holiday

David Rennie is back from holiday (try to contain the excitement at the back) and has resumed his rather uninteresting blog. And what is his first entry? “Paper Tigers and EU foreign policy”.

“As so often, a real crisis has shown that all this talk of a common EU foreign and security policy is distinctly premature. Given that a genuinely common EU policy, based on the majority view of most EU citizens, would be firmly anti-American and anti-Israeli right now, conservatives may choose to heave a sigh of relief that the EU is proving a paper tiger once more.”

So our Master Rennie and his colleagues have noticed that the EU has not precisely made an appearance in this latest crisis? Maybe if they read EUReferendum here and here, they would have known it anyway.

I guess the man was on holiday, which is bad luck, as the biggest story of the year unfolded. But one rather wonders why he thinks that a genuinely common foreign policy would represent the majority view of most EU citizens? It would merely have to represent the common European interests of the member states, which is a complete impossibility no just something "distinctly premature".

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