Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shifting populations - 2

Populations come and populations go, each time influenced by economic reality. reported yesterday a development that is giving the German authorities furiously to think, as Hercule Poirot used to say.

Last year 145,000 Germans, mostly skilled and educated workers, left the country “amid record postwar unemployment, pushing emigration to its highest level since 1954, Federal Statistics Office figures show. Last year was also the first since the late 1960s that emigrants outnumbered Germans returning home from living abroad, the statistics office said”.

Though unemployment has decreased a little since Angela Merkel’s government has taken power it still remains at over 8 per cent, rising to over 20 per cent in the eastern part of the country. It seems that ever fewer people think that the government will solve the problem.

The problems of high taxation and over-regulation are so bad that many are leaving to go to Austria and Switzerland, neither precisely a laissez-faire country. But the bulk of the emigrants are heading to the Anglosphere: Canada, Australia, New Zealand.


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