Monday, May 23, 2011

A new economic paradigm

"We are talking about a limited number of back office technical roles. No customer-facing staff will be affected", says a spokesperson for "Service Birmingham". Where do they get these titles?

More to the point though, anyone having any experience of trying to get a resolution through a Crapita-run operation knows full well the futility of such an attempt. But, if that is bad enough, the prospect of British tax money being paid to provide Indians jobs in IT is not one that fills us with enthusiasm. There was a time when British money went on British jobs.

However, in between offshoring jobs and allowing immigrants in to do the remainder – on top of depriving our own children of a half-way decent education that would actually equip them for a world of work – one wonders where this new economic paradigm eventually takes us.

Somebody must know what they are doing here. Do they? Please tell me they do.