Tuesday, May 24, 2011


They really have got it infamy ... for many good reasons – and some bad – I have not done much travelling over the last year. But with our daughter Emma graduating in Dundee in art, we could not miss her inaugural exhibition. So, with the promise of a heatwave, we go up there – and what do we get? Freezing cold and then monster gales all the way back, with rain like I've rarely seen.

At least 25,000 properties in Scotland were without power after "a vicious and unexpected battering from gales saw two people in the UK killed by falling trees amid widespread transport disruption", the Guardian tells us. Trees [of the fallen variety], they say, stopped train services on the West Coast main line between England and Scotland near Gretna Green ... which must have been the time we were passing through.

Note the bit about "unexpected". And they want to tell us what the climate is going to be like in 50 years?