Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another day, another jailbird

So, Lord Taylor, the "token nigger" – as I heard him described by a very senior Tory MP (in whose party you can meet a degree of racism which would make the KKK blush) – is being banged up, with a sentence of 12 months. He will be out in three.

One cannot help but think that he is a token in more ways than one, other peers and MPs having been more adept at gaming the rules, without straying into overt criminality. On the other hand, Longrider brings us down to earth. "I am currently earning little more than minimum wage for a part time, dead-end job while I rebuild my life", he says. "I never forget that it is people like me who pay for these leeching bastards".

But the bigger problem is all those "leeching bastards" who rip us off and manage to remain within the law. We wouldn't even have enough prisons for them if we could bring them to book, and would have to make do with tumbrels and knitting. Now wouldn't that be a tragedy.