Saturday, May 21, 2011

It gets better

Frankly, anyone who is as enthusiastic as is Huhne for both the European Union and global warming has to be dishonest. And so it turns out to be. Amid rumours that he has been even more liberal with sharing his DNA than was previously revealed, there are now claims that the ghastly little man overspent on his election expenses.

This man is so arrogant that he hasn't even taken the trouble to cover his back, while antagonising so many around him that they are helping to bring him down. His campaign has left a legacy of bitterness locally, with not only Tories and Labour activists angry at his tactics, but also local Lib-Dims, with several councillors quitting the party in disgust.

That is the man who is telling us it is so urgent to save the planet. With the message coming from a man of his calibre, we can draw our own conclusions.