Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another twelve

Autonomous Mind picks up the "referism" theme (again – not his first time) and gets the point entirely. It is about taking back power. We are not powerless. We are not helpless little wimps dependent on the mighty politicians to tell us what to do and to guide our mean little lives. The power is ours and we mean to have it back.

The other point AM gets entirely is that the independent political blogosphere is our voice – it is the authentic voice of free Britain. You have no idea how annoyed I was with Dale's piece in The Guardian earlier this month – a sad little Tory attempting to take ownership of a property which is not his.

There was another piece linked to that, and you can see the game – to corral "approved" bloggers under one roof and to freeze out the truly independent writers.

It says much for the genre that the MSM and the political élites have invested a great deal in trying to destroy it. But despite those attempts, the independent political blogosphere (IPB) survives and prospers – here are another twelve to be going on with:
Not all the writing is brilliant, and some is erratic – only in mediocrity will you find consistency, though. But to suggest that the independent political blogosphere is in any way lacking in variety, depth and fine writing is a blood libel. It beats the low drone of the MSM into a cocked hat.

It even has its own directory ... and the message to Iain Dale was stolen from Gaping void. Unfortunately, we cannot oblige.