Saturday, May 21, 2011

And why should they?

Ratan Tata, the multi-billionaire owner of the Tata conglomerate, based in one of the most corrupt countries on earth, says British managers did not compare favourably with their Indian counterparts. They will not go the extra mile, he complains. Ironically, he uses Imperial measurements rather than the metric.

But, since the reputation of Tata is of an opportunistic asset-stripper, here to make a quick buck out of dismantling the remainder of the steel industry, I don't suppose anyone is too keen to help a very rich Indian become even richer at our expense.

However, Ratan Tata follows what is becoming an established tradition of our foreign masters insulting their workforce, but since British politicians have a history of doing the same, they are only following the example set for them.

The answer though is simple. If Mr Tata detests us so much, we should avoid purchasing any of his brands, and then he can be relieved of having to deal with us and can slink off back to his own corrupt nation, where he is obviously so much happier doing business.