Monday, December 07, 2009

The silence of the Right

Tariq Ali on BBC Radio 4 at 9.15 this morning - Start the Week with Andrew Marr - rather let the cat out of the bag, saying global warming is the best chance the Left has left to get communist ideals back into practice. And he does ... start 16 minutes into the programme. It has to be deciphered: "planning" is key word. (Lifted from Delingpole's comments.)

That said, we are all aware of the left-wing agenda underpinning the global warming movement. It makes it all the more strange, therefore, that while the Right in the US, Canada and Australia is becoming ever-more voluble, the British Right is largely silent.

This is despite the fct that latest poll from Politics Home shows that the Conservative voters are not behind the Boy.

Some 74 percent believe the media exaggerate the threat of climate change from (Mann-made) global warming. 15 percent of them believe the media get it about right, and only 9 percent are of the opinion that the media don't take the threat seriously enough.

One suspects that the silence of the Right's political establishment is largely the "Cameron effect". Because he is their best chance of getting them a majority in Westminster, and the Boy is on the wrong side of the argument, expressions of dissent on this issue are taken as expressions of disloyalty to The Great Leader.

Thus, rather than invoke the spectre of "splits", which the Left will exploit (as it is already seeking to do), the Right simply doesn't talk about the subject. Thus, there has been no official political comment from the Right in the UK on "Climategate", and the Tory blogs have hardly mentioned it. They have been emasculated.